Brevo | Self-Service Business Analytics Platform

Brevo’s suite of data analytics and business intelligence features fully integrate with any existing data infrastructure, securely taking complex business decisions and simplifying the outcome.

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Brevo works seamlessly across the data value chain

Business Analytics Platform

A data visualization suite enabling self-service analytics, including next-level machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. We help companies drive performance by solving the problem of connecting your business strategy to your business execution.

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Business Data Operations

DataOps is Brevo’s data management and governance solution, consisting of data access (including custom integrations), cleansing,harmonization, and maintenance services. We drive performance by solving the problem of connecting your business strategy to your business execution.

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Embedded Data Applications

Brevo’s Embedded Dashboards are data visualization and analytics custom-built for your company and end-user. Leverage our analytics, made to look like its your own. Find the truth in your data through accurate storytelling native to your product or solution.

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Effortless Data-Driven Decisions

Real Time Knowledge

Ensuring you have the insights you need without the wait. No more reporting delays.

Mobility of Insights

Delivering insights at your fingertips, activating intelligence on your cell phone.

Interactive Visualizations

Democratization of data starts with easy to digest visualizations, with easy to access insights.

Business Scalability

Brevo is a hybrid, multi-cloud platform that fully integrates with any system architecture.

Analytics Reimagined

Delve deeper into data than ever before with the Brevo Advanced Analytics Engine.

Customized Experience

Embed Brevo into your systems and processes. We bring native intelligence to business.

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Business Analytics Platform

A cloud-based self-service platform providing interactive reporting through enhanced visualizations and real time analytics using any data source.

Our solution serves to democratize data, with Brevo seamlessly integrating with any tech stack. Brevo enables for wider cross functional access to higher quality insights, readying for business growth and discovery.

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Data Operations

Your Data. Your Insights. Your Stack. Brevo makes sense of it all, helping you to unlock the power of your intelligence.

We offer a flexible engagement model that enables you to decide what type of services, solutions and support you need. Our engagement model gives you the flexibility to decide the precise nature and scope of our involvement at each stage of your application solutions life-cycle. 

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Brevo Business Intelligence Platform recognized by the best

2017 1st prize winners of the Google & SAP intelligent app challenge, competing against over 400 organizational teams across the globe.

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